There is a border that Carlo Pisa wanted to cross.To see beyond the sharpness, to perceive the shapes outside, over those completed borders, resolute. To catch a glimpse of other universes, to provoke the differences between them.Light opens new visions. The known matter disappears and transforms, regenerating itself. The colors reconceive, renewing themselves in an endless dance.To deduce (to take away) the visible, and induce (to give) the mechanical/human eye to concentrate on the full emptiness, looking away from the immediate.
To perceive the harmonics of the image – not the dominant, but the hidden movable or immovable.
The work of Carlo Pisa is here, within these inexact borders. Not out of focus, or outside the focus or even inside of it, that is the space that the exact focus hides. The blurring of the images shows the life of the middle, which investigates the choking of light that an aware and direct eye perceives, and to subvert the hierarchy of shapes and lines, capturing the poetry which is in everything.
Text by Oxana Maleeva (Curator)

San Pietroburgo #9 ( Санкт Петербург #9 )

At Saint Petersburg , in the garden of the Fontanka theatre.

Verso Montisi #1

The road to Montisi, Siena


San Pietroburgo #10 ( ????? ????????? #10 ) . San Pietroburgo 20At Saint Petersburg , the Neva river towards the Dvortsovy bridge, the Admiralty and the Winter Palace.

San Pietroburgo #33 (Санкт Петербург #33 - Кам

At Saint Petersburg, on the Kamennostrovskiy Prospekt

Mosca #5 . Park Kultury (?????? #5 . ???? ??????«??)     M

Moscow, Gorky Park


Moscow , close to the Novodevichy Monastery

Carlo Pisa was born in Italy. Currently he lives and works between Italy and Russia.

In 1982, he started studying photography and began work as David Lees’ assistant on the staff of the photographers of the Time Life group. He also was part of international working teams and was involved in international workshops on photojournalism hosted by Alex Webb, Jeff Jacobson, Bob Sacha, Tomasz Tomaszewski and Jane Evelyn Atwood.

From 1984 to 2004 he worked as a professional photojournalist.

All his editorial works are a sensitive attempt to tell stories about people and places making use of a language which enabled him to express the frailty of the images of the life we have before our very eyes.

As of 2004, he has been engaged in individual researches meant to be the first step of an exclusively artistic path.

 Main Exhibitions and Fairs:

 2004 Group exhibition at Galleria Goethe Arte Contemporanea, Bolzano (Italy)  2004 Solo exhibition at Galleria Fabbrica Eos Arte Contemporanea, Milan (Italy)  2004 International Biennale of Photography, Contemporary Art section, Brescia (Italy)  2005 MiArt Fair with Fabbrica Eos Arte Contemporanea  2006 Solo exhibition at Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)  2011 Solo exhibition at Museum of History of Photography, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)  2011 54th International Art Exhibition, the Venice Biennale, Pavilion Italy  2012 Light of Silence, Group exhibition at Galerie Iragui, Moscow (Russian Federation)  2012 Solo exhibition at MIA – Milan Image Art Fair – with Galerie Iragui.  2012 Art Moscow with Galerie Iragui, Moscow (Russian Federation)  2013 (February) Group exhibition at Galleria Goethe Arte Contemporanea, Bolzano (Italy)  2013 Solo exhibition at NYBA . New York Biennale Art New York City (USA)  2013 20 Years or 5 Minutes, Group exhibition at Galleria Fabbrica Eos Arte Contemporanea, Milan (Italy)  2013 (July) Summer exhibition: Group exhibition of the artists represented by Galleria Goethe Arte Contemporanea, Bolzano (Italy)  2013 Vienna International Art Fair with Galerie Iragui, Vienna – Austria • 2013 Vienna International Art Fair with Galerie Iragui, Vienna – Austria  2014 Through Waters project – Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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