New Aamora Member: Peter Voigt

Aamora Friends, please help us welcome

Photographer Peter Voigt

as an aamora contributing member

Many Aamora friends already know the name Peter Voigt. Peter was crowned, The Doodle King back in February 2011 when he essentially stole the show in our contest.

Peter went on to becoming an active member in the Aamora Annex project and was inspirational in the original thread of ideas which led to the beginnings of our Aamora Carnival Project.

Peter is an amateur photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark. We welcome  Peter’s inspiring ideas and photograpy and we are especially glad to say we now have our very first & official Doodling photographer member.

View his website, his work on JPG Magazine. You can also circle him on Google + or visit his ongoing aamora contributions.

Welcome Peter!

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