Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures (#1 – #5) by John Linton member John Linton presents Kodak’s classic “Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures”, vividly and informatively demonstrating each tip. For the original Kodak Top 10 Tips, click here.

Amateur and professional photographers alike: Take Note!

(And thanks, John!)

Here’s the first five . . .

TIP # 1:  Hold your camera at the subject’s eye level to capture the power of those magnetic gazes and mesmerizing smiles.  For kids and pets that means getting down on their level to take the picture.  They don’t have to look directly into the camera. The eye level angle by itself will create a personal and inviting feeling.

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TIP #2:  Before taking a picture, check the area behind your subject.  Lookout for trees or poles sprouting from your subject’s head.  A cluttered background will be distracting while a plain background will emphasize your subject.

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TIP #3: “Even outdoors, use the fill flash setting on the camera to improve your pictures.  Use it in bright sunlight to lighten dark shadows under the eyes and nose, especially when the sun is directly overhead or behind your subject.  Use it on cloudy days, to brighten up faces and make them stand out from the background.”

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TIP #4: To create impactful pictures, move in close and fill your picture with the subject.  Move a few steps closer or use the zoom until the subject fills the viewfinder. You will eliminate background distractions and show off the details in your subject.  For small objects, use the camera’s macro or ‘flower’ mode to get sharp close-ups.”

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TIP #5: Many subjects look better in a vertical picture – from the Eiffel Tower to portraits of your friends.  Make a conscious effort to turn your camera sideways and take some vertical pictures.

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Check back soon right here at for more of Mr. Linton’s keen insights and Kodak Tips #6-10 ! And now that you know the first 5, get out there and shoot something!

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