afraid in a bad place

I caught her soul , I think .
(Nikon F 50mm 1.4 Nikkor Plus X ASA 125 pushed to 320 in Acufine. )
shopkeeper's son
the shop keeper’s son
(Rolleicord VB Plus X at 320)
rubberband jumping rubber band jumping
(Nikon F with TRI-X 400)

storekeepers daughter

the shop keeper’s daughter

thai boys

thai boys-looking at camera equipment


play is universal

play is universal

(Nikon F and Plus X .35mmf/2.8 Nikkor .)

street photography

street photography

laotian boy

Laotian boy

(Nikon F 35mm Nikkor with Tri X ASA 400)
 I worked at the Kodak plant QC part time in high school.  I graduated from Chamblee High in 1967 . I was the Yearbook Photographer for two years , then they hired me in 1967 as their pro until I went into the Air Force .

Our water temp was hard to control with E-3 light reversal and even harder with E-4 . ESP1 push mailers would get the 160 pushed to 400 . I did that several times .Takhli Thailand was home to The 355th Tactical Fighter WingRepublic F-105 Thunderchief THUD

I was an Aerial Combat Photographer.


The Smithsonian Air & Space has a full issue dedicated to some Combat Photographers . I was chosen and it will be out this spring .

This is the first part of Steven’s photos of children in SEA and we are grateful to him for sharing these precious images with us.