I enjoy capturing moments in time and manipulating my images to create designs.


raindrops keep fallin’


woman in blue


bubble designs_2


embracing the light


favorite lilies

I began taking pictures as a child. My Grandpa let me use his Brownie camera, It seemed like magic to me then and it still does now.

As an adult a friend gave me a camera that did not work like cameras today, I learned how to determine how much light played in creating the image in front of my camera lens. It took many trials and errors but I did succeed because I loved doing it.

Now I have a variety of cameras that I use for different results. I also like to create designs with color and shapes. I like to use another camera to bring a faraway scene closer to me. My camera phone is good for quick shots.

Five years ago I broke my leg and hip which limits me to a wheelchair. I still see a picture everywhere I look. I just can’t hike in the forest like I used to.

I do go out everyday and explore with my little dog. If I don’t see something, she does!