Longshore Drift
Longshore drift

The Baja Peninsula is one of those Jungian archetypes that ignites an immediate and strong reaction in anyone who experiences it. Whether it’s the culture or the geography, something happens that either attracts or repels a new visitor. There is never a middle ground, an absence of effect or indifference. For me a personal rebirth is instantly met and I feel something akin to a spiritual affinity for the area.





As a photographer I am overwhelmed by the sensory gifts of Baja—the rugged mountains and canyons, bare-foot blonde beaches, inscrutable deserts and the paradox of wild coast on one side of the peninsula and glass calm sea on the other. Underlying all of it is the quality of Baja light.

sun worshippers

Sun worshippers

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise



This collection of photographs is from the Tropic of Cancer region of Baja California Sur during a couple of my annual motorcycle sojourns to Baja.

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