Cairenn Russelo initiated Parallel Lives, an intuitive project, collaborating Aamora members John Linton, Rhio9 and Maura Wolfson-Foster.

The object of the Parallel Lives was to intuitively exchange an image with another photographer, not knowing what image was to be shared. The result… juxtaposed subjects sharing a very similar vision.

Careinn chose photographers John, Maura and Rhio, feeling she knew their work and their (sometimes) quirky visions, anticipating an intuitive connection in subject matter.

All photographers had formerly met on

Cairenn & John Collaboration 550px

Cairenn and John Linton

Cairenn & Maura Collaboration 550pxCairenn and Maura

Cairenn & Rhio Collaboration 550px

Cairenn and Rhio9


Rhio9 is a photographer & musician. Enjoy more of his wonderful work by checking out his blog, his books on Blurb, or his contributions on aamora.

John Linton is aamora’s floundering member living in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, the state with the biggest name and smallest size. View John’s work on his Flickr stream, JPG Magazine or aamora.