by Diane Peterson, John Linton & Peter Voigt

Trio Collaboration in Aamora’s Project Triptych:
Diane Peterson, John Linton & Peter Voigt

Note: Triptych Example: 550 pixels width x 1060 pixels tall

American photographer Diane Peterson is an member living on the northern prairies of Idaho using a collection of analog & digital cameras. View Diane’s work on her website, her blog, at holgaville or aamora.

John Linton is aamora’s floundering member living in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, the state with the biggest name and smallest size. View John’s work on his Flickr stream, JPG Magazine or aamora.

Aamora member Peter Voigt is an amateur photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark & our first and only official Doodle-King. View his website, his work on JPG Magazine, circle him on Google + or visit his aamora contributions.

Project Triptych
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