“My name is Maria and I live in Crete, Greece. Pure mathematics got me involved in photography when one day at work I realised I get to see about 9,000 new people from all over the world every month. Most of them drunk since I am the girl who delivers their cocktails. I thought I would be nice If I could have a snapshot of their best moments of the best people I meet. I did that for a while, carrying around at work a small pocket spy camera but soon I realised I wanted more.


Bought my first dslr 5 years ago and the first thing I learned was what’s a jpg. The representation of the every day world through photography showed me not only that the world changes but I change too with knowledge and experience. Since I live in Crete, early on I hated competing with all the post card frenzy I see everywhere. I like post cards as long as there’s a twist.Then I got tired competing with post cards, none can beat post cards, really!!!!!!!


I am not fond of photography rules such as “the rule of thirds” or anything that wants to be before my need to be creative and express my self. I’ve done things in photoshop that perhaps I should feel ashamed of but I am not feeling ashamed at all because now I can make my boobs look bigger. I do consider Mel Gibson one of the greatest actors alive but I wouldn’t talk over the phone with him ever. I love Pearl Jam and classic Rock and for the love of God I have to say that I love Marshall Bruce Mathers too.



Maria Eve Ploumaki”