Secret Lives by Rogério Freitas

A Conversation between two police officers

1st Policeman: Do you believe in superheroes? 2nd Policeman: No, I don’t. I mean, who wants to go around in a mask, bad-fitting clothes and a bunch of gadgets spying on people from tall buildings? And what kind of social life do you get when you live alone in a spooky old mansion?

1st Policeman:Well, I guess you’re right. It’s a funny thing, though, sometimes I feel like I’m being watched.

2nd Policeman: Really? 2nd Policeman: Ah, that’s nuts. Forget about it. Let’s have a coffee – I’ll buy. 1st Policeman:  Okay, sounds good.  So……. do you believe in angels? 2nd Policeman: Do I believe in what? Angels?  Alright, forget the coffee, let’s make it a whiskey…. You pay.

***** Rogério Freitas is photographer living in Portugal and one of the earliest contributors to Aamora’s Secret Project. You can enjoy more of Rogério’s work JPG Magazine and his blog.

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